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Video presentation has become an integral part of many special events. PowerPoint presentations and slide shows, Image Magnification (IMAG) of the event shown live of large projection screens and projected scenery aren't just found at the Oscars, they're becoming a part of annual meetings and presentations. Seamless switching between sources is now a part of many more events than just those seen on television. The days of the 35mm slide projector and overheads is long gone and Quest Productions can supply the technical expertise and equipment to allow your visions to become projected reality. Front or rear screens with dress kits, flown or ground supported, truss and spandex screens for a stage set look and a wide range of projectors are all in-house. Our close relationship with some of the top video production companies in the area bring a wide range of technical tools right to your event: IMAG, switchers and processing, recording capabilities and an unlimited number of pre-production possibilities.

Front and Rear Projection Screens (flown or ground support): 6'x8', 10'x13' and more
Professional LCD and DLP Projectors (Epson, Sony, Christie)
Notebook Computers with PowerPoint (Compaq, Apple)
VCR and DVD Playback (Panasonic, Sony)

Serving Southern Michigan since 1975