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Quest Productions has the creative ideas and the experience, equipment and talent to implement your ideas as well as ours. Whether it's lighting a simple centerpiece or cake, lighting your entertainment and the dancefloor or lighting the largest of events, Quest Productions uses lighting to enhance the atmosphere of any location and make sure your one-of-a-kind event is both personal and spectacular.

In designing decor for weddings, parties and other special events, visual effect is of the utmost importance. Clients are demanding more dramatic floral pieces, sets, linens and props to make a unique statement. They are also the first to notice when their unique decor disappears in the darkness as the room lights dim during the course of the event. This is where Quest Productions can help. We light unique and special events and have extensive experience lighting all types of decor. Our specialty is the ability to create spectacular events in non-event spaces, transforming even the most mundane location into something that has a “wow” on everyone's lips.

Lighting is the most affordable, highest value, most effective addition you can make to the decor of any event. Either to highlight other decor elements: floral, linens, props or sets; or as a stand alone element to wash walls, project patterns or move and change color, lighting is the best way to add beauty and interest to any event. Our lighting is completely controlled and gelled to any color for the exact effect desired.

Our beginnings were lighting musical acts and theatrical events. If your event is a large production, corporate presentation or concert, Quest Productions has both its roots and future in the changing technology that greatly affects your events. We constantly strive to be innovative with our equipment and how we use it ensuring our events have a look and feel that is cutting edge.

In addition to traditional lighting fixtures our inventory includes innovative new effects including LitePipes, sideglow fiber optic cable and the Midwest's first under-lit programmable dancefloor just like the one used in Saturday Night Fever...only better!

Quest Productions also has the power supply systems, dimming, programmable control, distribution panels and related equipment to light any event in any location. And, Quest Productions is "facility friendly" which means we work with the facility to ensure no problems for them and no worries for you. Give us a call-we'll make your imagination a reality!

Serving Southern Michigan since 1975