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Some of the creative ideas we have implemented for clients in the past include:

Indoor and Ballroom Events-
Wall washes in the colors or contrasting colors of a wedding or event
Columns of light up the walls in white or a color matching the linens
Pinspot centerpieces on tables
Ceiling washes in night time blue or sunset pink (or any other color)
Colored pools of light on the dancefloor or other floor
Projected Gobo patterns of stars, breakups (or hundreds of others) on ceiling
Colored arrays of light on walls
LitePipes-our color changing columns of light
Fiber Optic to enhance the dancefloor, outline the bar or other areas
Moving Lights project interest, color and excitement
Mirrored Balls large or small

Tent Events and Outdoor-
Uplighting the canopy of the tent for even, no-glare lighting
Changing colors across the canopy, slow fade following sunset
Downlighting the floor and/or tables in tent for a "dark canopy" look
Canopy washes in nighttime blue with or without stars or other patterns
Pinspot centerpieces on tables
Lighting landscape and trees surrounding the tent in natural white or colors
Litepipes-our color changing columns of light
Fiber Optic to enhance the edge of the tent, dancefloor, bar or other area
Gobo Patterns, stationary or moving

Theme parties-
Lighting sets, props, trees, fountains, waterfalls or pools
Gobo patterns-stock or custom cut
Lighting to direct attention-spotlights, followspots, programmed moving lights
Lighting for ethnic wedding and events (Indian, Arabic, etc.)
Logo or creative patterns either moving or stationary across the floor or ceiling
Fiber optic frozen in ice carvings or at the bottom of a pool or fountain
Moving image projectors-project any images made into a 35mm slide

General (great for all events)-
Pinspot centerpieces on tables
Lighting ice sculptures from close or distant range
Lighting cakes and buffet tables for contrast and attention
White or colored twinkle lights for a border or full canopy effect
Entertainment lighting-whether it's a three piece combo or a
two hundred member orchestra--we can light their stage
Custom design and construction of the most creative ideas
Patterns moving across the floor or ceiling
Concert style moving lights
Fiber Optic side glow-for the look of neon in color changing bendable beauty

The ideas listed above can be used together or at different times throughout an event to identify the different segments of your event. You'll find lighting to be one of the most economical ways to decorate. Use it to transform any space into a beautiful location or enhance even the poshest of palaces.

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