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Lighting equipment, audio systems, effects, air conditioning, heating, entertainment and food service systems all have one thing in common: they require power! And quite often, a lot of it.

A very common problem with special events of all sizes, whether outdoors or inside, is the availability of adequate electrical power. Many facilities claim to have adequate power available for the special events they host. Further review unfortunately shows that quite often their idea of “adequate power” is actually several household receptacles on the same circuit. With most special events now involving lighting, larger audio systems, video projection and entertainment in addition to the food service and house loads; an adequate, uninterrupted source of power is possibly the most critical element in the production of your special event.

At Quest Productions we have the knowledge and experience to calculate the anticipated requirements of all the elements involved an event. We investigate the “built-in” building power sources from the disconnects and panels to the electrical service and map out what can actually be connected to the building sources. We can then make recommendations regarding the availability of power from an existing source or determine the need for a generator to satisfy the load requirements. With either solution we have the equipment: cable, fuses, connectors, circuit breakers and sub-panels to safely connect to and distribute power from almost any system. We also have the licensed electricians on staff to make these very dangerous connections.

If a stand-alone generator is determined to be the safe, reliable solution for an indoor event or most outdoor events, Quest Productions has those as well. For outdoor events, Quest Productions has the high-amperage feeder cable, outdoor-rated service sub-panels and GFI protected receptacles to insure a safe, secure delivery of power to your special event in any season.

30-125kw CAT SuperQuiet Diesel Generators with sound shielding second to none
100-400 amp Power Distribution Cables and Panels (Square D, GE, Cole)
GFI Outdoor (NEMA 3R) and Standard Sub-Panels and Distribution (Square D, GE)
Over 5000' of single & three phase feeder cable and locking connectors
Over Six Miles of Branch Cable-Black and White SO and SJO (Cole, Royal)
Cable Ramps and Raceways (Checker)

Serving Southern Michigan since 1975