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Just as all events are not the same, audio systems can't be generic either. Each needs to be carefully chosen and configured for the specific event, venue and number of guests. If your event requires an audio system: from a simple microphone on a podium for a presentation to wireless mics on the bride and groom at a wedding to full concert systems, Quest Productions has exactly the right sound system and the technical expertise to make your event sound fantastic. We have systems that are completely sized and configured for critical corporate audio, recorded music playback, theatrical presentation and live musical performances of all sizes. Each carefully tuned to the venue and specific goals of the presentation.

Mixing Consoles-from 4 inputs to 52 (Yamaha, Midas, Mackie, Behringer)
Processors, Effects, Parametric EQ and Speaker Management Systems
Playback Systems from any format: CD/DVD, DAT, MP3, Cassette
Microphones: Wireless Handheld, Lavalier and line level instrument transmitters
Wired vocal, instrument, choir and full drum kits (Shure, AKG, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica)
Speaker Systems-Small Space to Arena Concert (Meyer, Nexo, Mackie, EV, Community, JBL)
Ground Support and Rigging Systems
And all the other related stuff that regularly appears on equipment specific riders!

Serving Southern Michigan since 1975