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Concert Audio requirements can be as exacting as those found in corporate presentations. Precision, split-second changes for multiple inputs from a variety of instruments and drum sets are a nightly occurrence as are multiple monitor mixes that vary in content from one song to another. Performance riders differ greatly between bands and headliners. Backline and full system sound reinforcement equipment is often specified from the microphones and consoles right down to the smallest detail as all performers have their favorites and certain equipment reproduces signature sounds an audience is familiar with, making it all the more critical to the performance.

Quest Productions has the equipment to satisfy the riders of most performers on the road and have relationships with prime suppliers for the obscure equipment that is hardest to find and still specified. Our technicians and engineers have road experience with a variety of acts from every level of the concert/touring market. Our systems can be tailored to accommodate the smallest bar band and easily reconfigured to cover the larger touring act at an outdoor amphitheater with separate monitor systems, flown line array speaker systems and full power supply.

Serving Southern Michigan since 1975