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Outdoor events bring with them their own special challenges: weather, daylight vs darkness, natural hazards and natural features. Quest Productions has been a leader in outdoor tent lighting for over two decades. From the Backyard (20x20') to the Bigtop (100'x300'+) we have the lighting (white colored fixtures that hide), rigging, power generation and distribution systems to gently uplight the canopy or create an incredible, colorful spectacle of light in any outdoor location. Things like white fixtures and white cords hide well inside the tent while black fixtures and cords blend into the background outside: just part of our attention to every detail.
A tent canopy is the perfect canvas for projected gobo patterns and changing colors during an event to signify the different segments of your special event. Extending the range of the event to the space outside the tent is easily accomplished by creatively lighting the trees and landscape features. Not only does this soften the boundaries of the event but the added security regarding trip hazards and egress will enhance the safety of your event.
We also provide the power systems and distribution to the lighting, audio, entertainment, food service and climate control equipment; a safe and secure way to ensure that the lighting won't suddenly go out when someone inadvertently plugs in their own equipment. At Quest Productions we take care of all the details that can affect the safety of your event. The equipment used in tent and outdoor lighting is similar to that used in the Stage/Decor section of this site with the exception of the power distribution equipment, which is rated for outdoor use.

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