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Quest Productions is pleased to be the first in Michigan to offer you an under-lit dancefloor with unlimited programming possibilities. Like Saturday Night Fever...only better!

Sixteen four-foot square modules with four independent lamps in each offer a variety of configuration possibilities. From a sixteen by sixteen foot square to a four foot by sixty-four foot row or a wandering zig-zag and anything in between. All at just twelve inches high. And every installation comes with a six-inch high by two-foot wide step for added safety and effect (making the square configuration twenty-four feet square).

True dimmer-per-circuit technology and DMX programming control mean that there is no limit to the pattern programming possibilities. Each lamp module can be gelled to either our standard color selection or custom colors to match the feel of your special event.

The light modules don't have to be on the floor to be spectacular: they also can become a lighted wall (they stack) eight feet high by thirty-two feet long, or be the base for the bar at your special event. How about across the front of your four-foot high stage? The possibilities are only limited by imagination.

Serving Southern Michigan since 1975