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Special event lighting finds its roots in the theatrical environment: lighting aimed at and to enhance a specific target or point of interest. Decor lighting is almost the opposite: lighting whose purpose is to enhance the overall feeling received from the background of the event. It might be illuminating walls, ceiling and floor or specific, although general, points of interest: flower arrangements, background props or tables. Now with the addition of haze into the atmosphere the light beams themselves become part of the effect. We're no longer limited to just seeing the source and target of the lighting but the traversing beam itself. Now add movement and the effect becomes totally immersing and spectacular!

At Quest Productions, while our roots are in theatrical and stage lighting our experience has evolved with the changing of corporate presentations into “corporate theater”. We not only light the stages, props and focal points of the event, we also take great care to ensure that the guests feel totally immersed in the event through the use of lighting.

From a simple spotlight on a Mirrored Ball to:
*Downlights and Uplights around any sized room (we have 1300)
*Theatrical, Stage and Concert Systems (Lekos, Par Cans in 4 sizes)
*Spotlights and Followspots (Lycian, Altman, Strong)
*Moving Lights and Color Changers (Martin, High End Systems and FAL)
*Gobo Patterns for moving and conventional fixtures (Apollo, Rosco)
*Classic effects from the Disco era and golden ages of Hollywood theme parties: Oversized stage lights, 1970's vintage disco effects including 12' diameter starburst chasers and chaser strips.
*Truss in three sizes and 10" triangle in an Octagonal configuration (Prolyte, Penn Fab)
*Rigging, Ground Support and Motors (Geni, CM)
*Dimming, Control and Distribution Systems (Leprecaun, NSI and Square D)
*Atmospheric hazers that are very effective yet no longer produce irritating reactions in your guests!

Serving Southern Michigan since 1975